Sunday, June 5, 2016

Show open is great but could be a lot shorter / kids making fun of old songs at home really solid

Granted, this is coming from a guy with no show and as a result, no show opener, but it could be shorter Guy with a short temper sitting around listening to his kids talk shit about his music so solid

Topless traffic control in Denmark

Also solid is the ongoing theme of arguing with Google Maps, I can relate.

Noticable Constant 196 Hz hum in background of 06.03 Steve Dahl Show

It must be the air conditioning in the basement (studio?) or something, so I will not break balls too much, but there's an audible 196 Hz hum (D string on guitar) in the background - knowing our man's dog-like hearing I'm predicting it gets addressed soon enough, but it's pretty loud at the beginning. Germaine to the Hamilton conversation
This is all I could come up with from a "revolutionary war nudes" search, but it's okay for now. From a more detailed search with basically the same terms