Wednesday, February 8, 2017


So is it possible to have attended Harvard but still be a fucking dope? Don't answer that, it's what we in the industry call a rhetorical question.

How can Google / Alphabet be a billion-dollar company and I'm still having to enter fuckin
tags in this blog? Granted it's pretty much the extent of my HTML skills but you would think they would either kill off Blogger or "fix" it.

I could see Julien as a Special Teams coach or something, maybe something will open up during the Patriots off-season.

Despicable Act by Don Sweeney & Cam Neely not to mention Bill Butters

Had to happen at some point but the extremely lame move of doing it:
During the regular season
During the Patriots Parade
Without Neely even bothering to show up
Citing "The PR Department" as the reason for scheduling it today

Just really fucking irritating when you realize your team won a shitload of games in spite of their owner, not because of the owner.

Pretty weak showing all around.

Много горячих рыжеволосых в моем районе в эти дни

Shout out to our Russian readers, was not aware that we had such a following out east.
Definitely been too terrified to mess with Russian ladies over the years, but have definitely gotten hammered with several gentlemen from the motherland.


Great, great win spoiled by me getting hammered and insisting we leave early from the bar we were at because something about drinking for 5 hours straight with two chicks asking you questions only during the game because they wanted to watch the commercials gets a big exhausting after a while
I'm still back on January 23rd, great hear the WEEI hunk worked in there - "this is a terrible show" really on point.