Sunday, February 26, 2017

Not Gonna Make the Disco Demolition Show In Brooklyn

Luckily I will be in Chicago this weekend so I will dodge a bullet by missing this show down the street in my hood.

Fortunately after a quick search, none of the female comediennes appear to be particularly attractive, so you can all live without greasy-lensed out of focus snapshots from me if I were in fact able to attend.

@bigtalkers Twitter Account is a Bizarre Travelogue Through the early 2010's

So let me get this straight, I had a twitter account for this blog but there appears to be personal tweets from me, like not having to do with posts here, just stuff going on.

Adult models & actresses, sports talk radio personalities, female comediennes and Occupy Wall Street all seem to figure into the conversations, but there's not a lot of effort to drive people either to the blog or to tweet back, it's a bit of a mess.

So was not really specific enough to benefit from communicating with people about me, or the blog because it was too much of an effort to bother with that, thank goodness the tweets just kind of died out.

Not sure if it's still even relevant to have a "blog" as well as a social media account, but I'm gonna mess around with trying to get some metrics enabled on both tweeter and de blog to see what happens.