Monday, March 9, 2015

Glenn Ordway returns to WEEI Sports talk radio

Paging Dale Arnold... This Monday, March 9, saw the return of long-time New England sports legend Glenn Ordway to his rightful perch in the Big Chair on WEEI FM 93.7. Ordway was sitting in for the vacationing John Dennis on the morning drive "Dennis and Callahan" program. The veteran sports analyst held court between amateur erotica enthusiast Kirk Minihane and aspiring politico Gerry Callahan.
Although there have been rumors regarding Ordway's return to the terrestrial airwaves, but there has been no announcement from parent company Entercomm or WEEI. No details were shared regarding The Round Mound of Sound's future plans, but Ordway mentioned that he would be in most of the week handling the fill-in duties.
Ordway was dismissed just over two years ago from WEEI-FM after ratings dropped after a long period of success of his drive-time program known as "The Big Show". in 2014, Ordway moved to an online format, launching "The Big Show Unfiltered". To borrow a colloquialism from the Big Show program, welcome back you fat bastard!!

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