Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hot Podiatrist Tuesday Rules the Internet

Do you have that thing where during a quiet moment or in conversation with someone, some shit falls out of your nose or ear? Is this an old man thing? Like I'm so fucking decrepit my body can no longer provide enough adhesive material to hold the disgusting by products from my overtaxed immune system to the point that is is literally falling out of me. Or my personal upkeep is so lax I literally have refuse coming out of all orifices.

I digress with disgusting aplomb.

Fucking Chi brings it again with this eastern European Angel of the Achilles, I will move on to another part of the country to confirm my hypothesis that for some magical reason hot chicks are drawn to the field of podiatry. Heard it here first fuck face, when you steal this bit I will find you and you will be the face-fuckee, TRUST ME.

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