Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WEEI Producers and the ENTIRE NHL can drink my urine

Fucking good goals disallowed by offsides that was not called during the course of play is such a total crock of shit I can't understand it.

In football you can review a play but not the play before it that may or may not have incurred a foul, baseball same deal. Only fucking NHL dickbags would agree to a system that can reverse a previous play to preempt a scoring opportunity just "to be like the other sports". NHL, yours is not like the other sports, your game is the fucken GAME OF KINGS. STOP trying to lower yourself to the mouth-breathing masses that will never understand the majesty of a crosscheck to the face or the brilliance of a jugular ever so slightly nicked by the steel of a expertly sharpened blade, so there's no need to pander to them.

And those god-damned little sniveling PRICKS who have finally summoned the AUDACITY to reply to my SMS messages to 37-937, I know who you are and the communications of BIG TALK MEDIA are not meant for your developmentally disabled eyes, we demand unfettered access to the "talent" at your low-wattage fart farm, DO NOT INTERFERE.

There's a bonus gif for you.

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